The Rules

I’m a pretty easygoing guy so long as you respect some basic rules. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.


You don’t have to use your real name, but you need to use something that you’re known by. I’m pretty easygoing on this, but if you’re looking to be completely anonymous you’re in the wrong place.


Treat other people with kindness and respect, but go after their ideas as hard as you want. Good people can have terrible ideas, and it does none of us any favors to go easy on terrible ideas.

There are certain things I will simply not abide. Steer clear of being on the wrong side of them, please.

  • Advocating hate in any form
  • Violating the laws, or advocating others violate the laws, of the United States or the Commonwealth of Virginia
    • It’s okay to advocate non-violent passive resistance
  • Baiting people into behaving poorly
  • Ad hominem attacks on individuals or groups
  • Trilbys. Wear a real hat, damn it.
    • Exceptions exist for Frank Sinatra and Leonard Cohen


I won’t sell or share your private information with third parties, except for cooperation with law enforcement or as compelled by a court. But you also don’t have the right to demand I delete posts you’ve written or erase you from my server logs. I don’t live in the European Union and I’m cheerfully immune from GDPR demands.

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