Contact Me

I’m a pretty easy fellow to reach, with the exception of through Google services. (Even then, that’s because Google has a bad habit of shutting down their communications offerings, and not because I go out of my way to avoid them.)

  • Email:
  • Skype:
  • Facebook: if you must, I’m there.
  • Diaspora*: I vastly prefer this to Facebook.
  • Cell phone: not for public release
  • IRC: occasionally found in #callahans as ‘raubritter’

Secure Communications

If you need to communicate with me securely, reach out to me via one of the above (insecure) means. Explain who you are, why you need to talk to me, and why you need to use more private communications. WhatsApp, Signal, Peerio, Zom, and Psiphon Pro are all available, depending on your specific needs.

That said, what is probably the most private method of communication is also, unfortunately, the hardest: OpenPGP. If only the best will do and you’re willing to take responsibility for making it work on your end, then grab key 0x1DCBDC01B44427C7 from the keyservers. Its fingerprint is:

CC11 BE7C BBED 77B1 20F3 7B01 1DCB DC01 B444 27C7