About the Bench

So what’s a bench?

“Bench” has a lot of meanings.  To an engineer it usually refers to the workbench, the place where we keep oscilloscopes and breadboards and hastily-scrawled lab notes.  To a judge it refers to the seat of authority in a courtroom.  I’m an engineer, but Dad’s a judge: although he doesn’t read this or post here, I hope that if he were to find out about it he’d be amused by my choice of names.

Who am I?

Rob Hansen, whom you may have seen on Twitter (@robertjhansen), Google+, and/or Facebook. Google+ is shutting down and I don’t much care for Facebook, so for my longer-form writings I’m deciding to go old-school with a WordPress installation.

I’ve been a software engineer for twenty years, and you’ll occasionally see rants from me on those subjects. I’ve also been an observer of law and government for all my life, and you’ll see rants on those subjects as well. In fact you’ll probably see more law and government rants than you will engineering rants: after all, if I want to rant about engineering, that’s what my day job is for.

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